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photo of Ester Uceda

Esther Ruiz Uceda
Space Science and Astrobiology Division
NASA Ames Research Center


M.S., Biology (Genetics), February, 2000. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). 

Ph.D., Physiology, November, 2006. Hospital Ramón y Cajal (Spain).


  • Linacero R., Rueda J., Espino F.J., Peñalosa A., Muñoz G., Ruiz E., Vázquez A.M., Polanco C., Morales S., Ruiz M.L. (2002). Comparación de la eficacia de distintas técnicas para la detección de variación somaclonal en Arabidopsis thaliana. Actas de Horticultura, 34:139-145.
  • González-Albarrán O., Gómez O., Ruiz E., Vieitez P., García Robles R. (2003). Role of Systolic Blood Pressure on the progression of Kidney Damage in an Experimental Model of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity and Hypertension (Zucker Rats). American Journal of Hypertension, 16:979-985.
  • Fairén A.G., Dohm J.M., Ruiz E., Rodríguez A., Baker V.R., Fernández-Remolar D., Amils R. (2005). Prime candidate sites for the astrobiological exploration of Mars revisited according to its hydrogeological evolution. Planetary & Space Science, 53: 1355-1375.

Scientific Projects:

  1.  “Induced mutations by culture in vitro in plants of rye and Arabidopsis”. Graduation project in Genetics Department, Biology Faculty, UCM. October, 1998. Director Dr. R. Linacero. June, 2001.
  1.  “Effects of Lercanidipino, calcium receptor antagonist, on the progression of nephropathy in an experimental model of insulin resistance, obesity and renal injury in Zucker rats”. Director Dr. R. García Robles. October, 2000.
  1.  “Effects of rennin angiotensin system blockade with irbesartan on changes caused by diabetes in an experimental model of DM type 1 induced by streptozotocin in rats and in an experimental model of DM type 2 with obesity”. Director Dr. R. García Robles. January, 2000.
  1.  “Effects of the chronicle treatment with topiramate in the genetic model of obesity with diabetes mellitus type 2: Zucker rat”. Director Dr. R. García Robles. October, 2001.
  1.  “Hormonal quantification: molecular biology techniques. Effects of the treatment with PPAR on an experimental model of diabetes mellitus type 2, obesity and hypertension” Director Dr. R. García Robles. January, 2003.


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