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Melissa Trader
Science Teacher

I am currently in a program at University of Nevada, Las Vegas to receive a Master’s Degree in education while fulfilling my requirements for a teaching License in the State of Nevada. I am student teaching right now (Spring 07) and will be in my own classroom the next fall. I am very excited to enter the teaching profession and to incorporate knowledge from my science experiences into my curriculum!

I am originally from the Chicago Area, where I received my B.S. in Biology with a minor in Geology from Indiana University’s northwest campus. I had a wonderful science learning experience there and started doing research as an undergraduate student. After graduation I worked for the Indiana DNR and then for The Nature Conservancy, both temporary positions. In both of these positions I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people restoring prairie habitat. I worked in beautiful prairies and gained experience in how land managers utilize the information that scientists work so hard to make available to the public.

I then moved to Las Vegas where I worked with the US Geological Survey for 4 years. I worked on a research team studying fire and invasive plant ecology in desert ecosystems. After 4 years here I started the program at UNLV to get my M.ED and to become a certified teacher.

I like to spend my free time with my fiancé Mike. We spend a lot of time going to the park with our dog Iverson, being with our family, enjoying the city of Las Vegas, and hiking in the desert around Las Vegas. We love traveling and visiting National parks! In the last year we have been to Death Valley National Park, Zion National Park, Philadelphia, and Cabo San Lucas! We are getting married in June of 2007 and we have planned a honeymoon in Belize! I am very excited about the spaceward bound experience and about my future as a science teacher in Clark County!


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