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Jim Taylor
Manager, Scientific and Technical Information Services
NASA Ames Research Center

Jim Taylor's background in new technologies, business, education and his international perspective has prepared him to deal effectively with the diverse people involved in today's highly competitive and ever changing multimedia market.

Jim is founder and sole proprietor of Victory Media, a computer consulting and multimedia service company located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Jim previously founded and was start-up president of Club2000, a futurist organization designed to inform and educate people regarding the technical, sociological, and psychological aspects of the coming millenium.  

Jim currently manages the Scientific and Technical Information Services area at NASA Ames Research Center for Planners Collaborative of Boston, Washington, DC and the San Francisco Bay Area.  He provides Administrative, technical, and professional services which include publications, photography, video and multimedia, reproduction, graphics and exhibits, web design, audio visual, and outreach services for Public Affairs and other branches of NASA at Ames Research.  He is a public speaker and manages outreach events for Ames.  In the four years Jim has been at NASA, he and his team has won national and local honors with NASA Honors Awards and the Houston Film Festival.  He received personal recognition by the Administrator of NASA and the Ames Center Director on national television.

Previously Jim was Executive Vice President and Director of Interactive Video and New Technologies for TVA/Television Associates in Mountain View, California, which puts him at the forefront of multimedia as it grows as an industry. Jim worked with a wide variety of people in this position, including engineers, artists, sales people and clients to make projects run smoothly and effectively from start to finish. His responsibility as technical advisor on new business for creative services at TVA required that he be in touch with the newest ideas, equipment, and applications of multimedia, keeping the company competitive in this ever changing market. More recent technological accomplishments under Jim at TVA included MPEG 2 encoding, VideoCD authoring, making TVA's first DVD disk, and installation of a wideband fiber feed from TVA's new studio. Jim was with TVA since early 1980, giving him a clear view of how this industry has evolved over the last 25 years, and with that, valuable insight into where it is headed.

Education has always been an important part of Jim's career, and he has been a guest lecturer for the UCSC Extension Program on multimedia for several years. He is also an occupational specialist for the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) for the Bachelor of Science Degree and has served on the multimedia curriculum advisory board for Master's Institute. Jim is constantly searching for ways to expand his knowledge of the multimedia field through involvement in educational programs, lecturing, and attending industry events. His own educational background includes a BSEE from Cal Poly in Electrical Engineering and English Literature.

During his ten years with Hewlett Packard, Jim managed people and projects in several different H-P companies and divisions. He started as an applications engineer, developing courses and training graduate engineers. Jim then moved on to technical writing for their film department, becoming a cinematographer, award winning producer-writer and then manager of their worldwide television facility in Palo Alto. After helping to design and build a brand new production facility which gained noted industry attention, he left in 1975 and returned to customer training as a manager. Jim set up programs and worked one-on-one with customers, training them in the use of HP's computer products and peripherals. His authoring skills were put to use in various writings and course development for customer training and he was a guest speaker at many trade shows, earning the distinction of best speaker at the "Metrology Symposium" of the National Bureau of Standards. Jim was also instrumental in setting up the first education exchange program between Beijing University and Hewlett Packard. While at H-P, Jim developed a course for Johns Hopkins University Advanced Research Lab for which he received an U.S. Navy Commendation.

Jim's international perspective comes from years of military experience with Army Intelligence and the National Security Agency, archeological study, and photography and film-making in Europe and the Middle East. He served for two years on the founding board of directors of the International Interactive Communications Society and is a founding member of the Interactive Multimedia Association.


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