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photo of Jolene Redvale & her dog

Jolene Redvale
Museum Educator

I have been a non-formal educator for over 18 years. I enjoy watching visitors experience new things, and exploiting their natural curiosity to develop their sense for lifelong learning.

My passion lies in getting to know my home place, and in encouraging others to do so. Knowing where we live, our relationship with our natural and cultural communities, and knowing about our impacts on our surroundings is important.

I have a BA in Museum Studies and an MA in Environmental Education. In addition to working as a Museum Educator for 18years, I have worked as a park naturalist and program developer as an independent contractor. I also teach undergrads and graduate students in museum studies and environmental education. I am currently working on several manuscripts for children’s books.

I enjoy traipsing through the Santa Ana River wash, strolling through the chaparral, the desert or the local forests, tidepooling, and hiking. I visit museums and nature parks when I travel, getting to know other places as well as I can. I read as much as I can, and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

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