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Photo of Kevin MacDonald

Kevin Macdonald
Science Teacher

I work at Barstow High School in Southern California as a science teacher.  I am part of the science and engineering academy that is being developed at our school.  My responsibilities include developing and implementing lessons for courses in chemistry, biology, and principles of engineering. 

Growing up in Canada, I first realized that I wanted to be an educator of science in my biology class in high school.  My biology teacher was ahead of her time in that she gave her students the opportunity to experience fieldwork at the high school level.  This instilled in me the desire to pursue degrees in science and education.

My love of science education has lead me to cultivate relationships with people involved in all areas of science; from maintaining contact with my biology teacher to being involved in the collaborative development of Project Lead the Way (an engineering curriculum) with my colleagues at the high school. 

             In the future I see myself continuing to develop authentic, innovative, project-based lessons that help increase students interest in all areas of science.  Expedition: Mojave 2007 will be a fantastic learning experience for me and will enhance my ability to bring field science into my classroom.  This will inspire students to look into careers in science and technology

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