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Photo of Guillermina Lopez

Guillermina Lopez
Middle School Teacher

I am a teacher at Mesa Linda Middle School, Victorville, CA. This is my eighth year as an educator, and I love it!

I am originally from Spain. I obtained my master´s degree in English from the University of Granada, Spain, but I also took different courses in  universities in Leeds, Liverpool and London, U.K.

I describe myself as a traveler. I know my limitations. I will not be able to travel into space, but I am definitely going to explore as much of this planet as I can. I love California because there is a lot to see here. I love National Parks and anything to do with Nature.

My hobbies are hiking, botanic gardens, and star gazing.

As a person, I am independent, but very adaptable to different situations. The mission in my life is learning. Almost everything I do and every decision I make is with the purpose of learning.

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