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photo of Meslissa Harker

Melissa Harker
Astrobiology Student, SJSU Student
San Jose State University

My name is Melissa Harker and I am working towards being a high school biology teacher.  The main reason why I decided I wanted to teach high school biology is because it is what I see myself doing.  My bio teacher in high school inspired me.  I’ve lived my whole life in San Jose, although I’ve only lived in downtown San Jose for a few years.  Right now I’m living on my own, working three jobs and working on classes for my masters and teaching credential at the same time.  I’m taking astrobiology because I just really wanted to take it.  Sometimes I find it weird that I was able to get a degree in biology, yet I don’t feel like I know enough about biology!  My life is really busy, but since I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do, I’m happy. 

This will be my second trip for a class.  The first time was in September of 2005 for my mammalogy class, we went to the Warner Mountains for someone’s research project.  Field biology is the branch of biology I like the most, although I don’t have the opportunity to get out much.  It is a great pleasure every time I do.  I hope there are some skills that I can learn that I can bring back to the classroom. 

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