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Mojave 2007

photo of Judybett Diaz

Judibett Diáz Fernández
Educational Support
Spanish Web Host

I am a Graphic and Advertising Designer. Nowadays I’m studying Architecture and Urban Planning in the city of Arequipa, Peru. Both of these careers are basically creative, require imagination and involve a wide field of study including marketing, photography, fine arts, history, design programs, physics, and construction. All in all the list is extensive.

On the one hand, architecture projects comprise traveling to analyze terrain, climatic conditions, geography, environment, surroundings, materials, etc. I like trying to understand our habitat and how to make it comfortable for us. On the other hand, the career in design is very broad and includes market analysis, target merchandizing, product image... Understanding in order to know how to sell.

It is for that reason that I like to understand, observe and learn everything I can. Maybe some day I can build on the Moon or Mars! Who knows? Another thing that I like very much is learning languages. “In order to learn new things, you must at least understand them.” (Uyy… I think that this can help someone!) Really, it is great! You can know more about others cultures and there idiosyncrasies.

One thing that caught my interest in this expedition was the opportunity for discovering and learning about things, not only within the field that encompasses my professional training, but also my own personal interests. Since I was a child, I have always admired nature and how marvelous that it is. I have visited the La Joya Desert near Arequipa several times and have gotten to know it. It is an important part included in the broad hyper-arid area of the Atacama Desert (Mars analogs) which encompasses from La Serena in the North of Chile to north of Lima, Peru.

Other things I enjoy include theater, music, dancing, making all sorts of things, traveling, going out with my friends, and cooking.

I am very exciting about this experience in the Mojave Desert. I’ll try to learn and give it all I can!

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