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photo of Meg Deppe

Meg Deppe
Vanguard Prep
Apple Valley, California

I began teaching in the High Desert area of Southern California. My first assignment was teaching science to middle school students in Hinkley (population 2000). Since then I spent many years teaching elementary students and working with the gifted program. I have finally returned to middle school science at Apple Valley’s newest K – 8 magnet school, Vanguard Preparatory School.

Along the way I have enjoyed developing constructivist hands-on lessons, designing web-based interactive projects, involving students in school-wide science “clubs” that have built a school greenhouse, planted gardens, dug school ponds, and developed campus nature trails. I have worked with the Inland Area Science Project where I learned about and embraced constructivist teaching. I have worked with friends over the past few years to lead district level science in-services in an effort to bring hands-on lessons to the elementary classrooms. I worked with the Lewis Center for Educational Research during the developmental stages of the R.O.V.E.R. Project (Remotely Operated Vehicle for Environmental Research).

Family is very important. My husband, Bill, is also a middle school science teacher and an avid bird watcher. We have three terrific children, Sr. Faustina, Mark, and Allison. We enjoy sharing adventures with them....kayaking the Snake River, mountain biking in the Tetons, and hiking and snorkeling in Australia.


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