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Wednesday- Broadcast Day

Wednesday, June 28
Cherlyn Anderson

It’s our time to shine before the world! It’s broadcast day, the primary purpose of all the satellite equipment and other technologies that have traveled from North America to this outpost in the Atacama Desert. Geoff Bruce arrived this morning to capture the photos we want him to show via the web cast during our interviews. The ladies and I tried to put a little make-up on, but our hair was hopeless-hats would definitely be on today! Whitney Brown was going to be our host for the broadcast. She was prepared, looking so natural in front of the camera. She had leading questions to ask us as in a talk show format.

Briefing before Webcast
Whitney, Liza and Chris begin webcast

Whitney Brown, Host

Liza Coe, Duputy Chief NASA Ames Education Division,

Chris McKay, Planetary Scientist and Principal Investigator for Spaceward Bound

Begin Webcast

Cherlyn makes presentation Each teacher was interviewed individually.




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