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Tuesday, June 27
Cherlyn Anderson

Broadcast day for the Chilean teachers. Following breakfast, the Chilean teachers went back over their broadcast plans. We all headed to the broadcast site which was about 1 kilometer away and where Corey had his rovers set up. Maite was the host for the broadcast and Benito Gomez was the primary scientist. Local Antofagastan newspaper and television reporters were present as well. One at a time, all seven teachers told their Atacama experiences working with the scientists. They also answered questions presented to them via the web cast chat room. It all went beautifully, especially when Corey rolled out the rovers. That was the fascination of the television and newspapers! Several of the teachers were interviewed personally, Juana by the television reporters.

reporters at broadcast juana, benito and maite at broadcast


photo of chilean teachers

Following the broadcast we loaded back up into the vans to head back to the station. The American teachers were meeting with Liza, to script out our broadcast for the next day. As we met, the Chilean teachers began packing up their tents and belongings. The bus from the University was there to take them back to Antofagasto. It was with great sadness to see them packing up to leave us. We had all bonded over the two day experience to San Pedro. We had time for photos and Ivan presented Matt with a present. A box with poor Pato inside! (The story of Pato is another entire volume!) We found out that we would be going back to Antofagasto tomorrow following our broadcast to meet the teachers for dinner! We were all excited about that possibility as this wasn’t our final goodbye. We waved to our Chilean friends as they got on the bus, chanted the “Viva Chile!” cheer, and looked forward to tomorrow night.


saying goodbye at bus

After the Chileans left, we went up to the broadcast site and made a quick run through of our broadcast for tomorrow. We headed back to the station, cooked dinner, and b began preparing for another cold night. (We also realized Pato was kidnapped again! Matt checked his email for further ransom notes!) As we layered up, many of us stayed inside the commons area, reading, checking email, and listening to some great tunes from Dr. Penny Boston’s computer. Tomorrow after our broadcast, the station would begin the arduous task of dismantling everything that had arrived during our stay.


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