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Atacama Field Expedition

Information Page

Spaceward Bound Pilot Program 2006 For Teachers - Liza Coe, March 20, 2006
Spaceward Bound via the Atacama Desert - Chris McKay, March 20, 2006
Write the Field Guide to Unknown Organisms - Penny Boston, March 20, 2006
Human Exploration of the Moon and Mars - Chris McKay, May 2, 2006
Yungay Station Travel Primer - Lauren Fletcher, Chris McKay, May 2, 2006
Biosignatures: Linking Life and the Geosphere - Penny Boston, May 16, 2006
DNA Extraction in Atacama Soils - Lauren Fletcher, May 16, 2006
Atacama Life / Vida en Atacama - Chris McKay and Maite Trujillo, May 16, 2006
Detecting Life in the Atacama Desert, Article in The Launch, Nov. 2006, Page 6

Mathew Allner - NASA Explorer School Teacher
Cherlyn Anderson - NASA Explorer School Teacher
Armando Azúa - Agronomical Engineer, Catholic University of Chile
Rosalba Bonaccorsi - Sedimentologist, NASA Ames
Penelope Boston - Geomicrobiologist, New Mexico Tech
Whitney Brown - Broadcast Assistant, Former JASON Argonaut
Geoffrey Bruce - Education Technology Team, NASA Ames
Catherine Campbell - NASA Explorer School Teacher
Marco Antonio Cáceres Torres - Biology Teacher, Chile
Iván Castillo Rubina - Biology and Chemistry Teacher, Chile
David Chandler - Science Writer
Liza Coe - Educator; NASA Ames Education Division
Renée M. Condori Apaza - Chemical Engineer, Life Sciences Outreach, NASA Ames
Cassie Conley - Astrobiologist, NASA Ames
Linda Conrad - Education Technology Team, NASA Ames
Pierre-Yves Cousteau -Biology Research Intern, NASA Ames
Alfonso F. Davila - Astrobiology, Planetary Science, NASA Ames
Brian Day - Education Technology Team, NASA Ames
Lauren Fletcher - Biological Sciences Design Engineer, NASA Ames
Juana García Delgado - Biology and Science Teacher, Chile
Alejandro Enrique Garrido Iribarren - Biology Teacher, Chile
Benito Gomez - Biochemist, Universidad de Antofagasta; Director Instituto del Desierto
Geoff Hammond - NASA Explorer School Teacher
Corey Ippolito - Director of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon Innovations Laboratory
Phyllis Isbell - NASA Explorer School Teacher
Chris McKay - Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames; Expedition Lead
Mark Leon - Director, Robotics Alliance Project, NASA Ames
Jim Nienow - Biologist, Valdosta State University
Johana del Carmen Orellana Villazón - Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher, Chile
Steve Patterson - Communications Engineer, NASA Ames
H. Saul Pérez Montaño - Chemist & Soil Researcher, NASA Ames
Linda Powers - Molecular Scientist, Utah State University
Richard Quinn - Research Scientist, SETI Istitute, NASA Ames
Shayne Rich - Engineer, Spectre Engineering Support
Kelly Snook - Aerospace Engineer & Planetary Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Henry Sun - Microbiologist, Desert Research Institute/Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences
Cindy Taylor - Research Asscociate, NASA Ames
Maite Trujillo San Martin - Research Engineer, NASA Ames
Karie Trupka - NASA Explorer School Teacher
Koby VanBeest - NASA Explorer School Teacher
Claudia Vega - Biology and Natural Science Teacher, Chile
Jacek Wierzchos - Chemist, University of Lerida
J. Judson Wynne - Cave Research Scientist, USGS

Interesting Readings:
Two Dry For Life: The Atacama Desert and Mars by Chris McKay, Ad Astra
Mars on Earth by David L. Chandler, Wired Magazine
Researchers Rain on Mars' Water Gullies Parade by Ker Than,
Microbial Life - Educational Resources National Science Digital Library
Digging for Life in the Deadest Desert by Michael Coren, CNN
Chris McKay's Three Questions by Joel McKinnon,
In search of the driest place on Earth; Off to dry Jebel Uweinat by Chris McKay, Here Today; Gone to Mars
Caves of Mars from Penny Boston
Temperature and Moisture Conditions for Life in the Extreme Arid Region of the Atacama Desert McKay et al, Astobiology
Antiquity of aridity in the Chilean Atacama Desert by Jonathan D.A. Clarke, Geomorphology
Images from the Atacama Desert and Mars - Jacek Wierzchos
Endolithic Cyanobacteria in Halite Rocks from the Hyperarid Core of the Atacama Desert - Jacek Wierzchos
Searching for life in a handful of dust from New Scientist Print Edition, David L. Chandler

Cavernas del desierto de Atacama son el nuevo laboratorio de pruebas de la NASA, El Mercurio, Santiago de Chile
Discovery Channel Blog: Student Scientists in the field with David Chandler

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