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Matthew M. Allner

NES Teacher
West Middle School
Sioux City, Iowa

PERSONAL DATA: Born April 3, 1974 and raised in Sioux City, Iowa where I now live with my wonderful wife and two precious young children (Isabelle-5 and Nathan-3). I met my wife (Jessica) during the six years I spent living and teaching in Southern California (Camarillo, CA) and we moved back to the mid-west about a year after our daughter was born. My mother (Laurie), father (Mike), and youngest brother (Curt) still live in Sioux City and my other brother (Mitch) lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

EDUCATION: Graduate of North High School in Sioux City, IA (1992); Received Bachelor’s Degrees in both Biological Sciences and Secondary Education (1996); Subsequent Science Courses (Molecular Cell Biology / Ecology) from California State University Northridge, Northridge, CA (Summer, 2000); Professional Development Credit, Education Issues in Aeronautics (NASA Workshops), Oklahoma State University (Summer 2004 – Present); Presently working towards MS degree in Space Studies (Emphasis on Life Support Systems, Planetary Colonization, and Human Factors/Group Dynamic Analysis), University of North Dakota Space Studies Department, Grand Forks, ND (Summer 2005-Present)

ORGANIZATIONS: Siouxland Dive Rescue Team (2005- Present); ISEA Teacher’s Association (2002-Present); Siouxland Officials Association (2002-2005); Iowa High School Athletic Association (Boys’ and Girls’) (2003-2006); Nebraska Athletic Assocation (2004-2006); NASA’s NEAT (Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers) Program (2004-Present); NASA Explorers School Member (2005-Present).

SPECIAL HONORS: Named 1992 High School Male Metro Athlete of the Year; High School Academic All-State in Football (1991-92 season); Selected to the Iowa High School All-Star Baseball Team (1992); All-District Baseball Selection in College (1994); Selected to the Jayhawk Semi-pro Baseball League (NCAA Sanctioned) (Summer 1995); Camarillo, California Distinguished Citizenship Award for Teaching (1999); Nominated for the Disney American Teacher’s Award (2000 and 2001).

EXPERIENCE: I started my teaching career teaching middle school science (Life and Physical Science) at Los Altos Intermediate School in Camarillo, CA (1997-2002) where I coached Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball (2000-2002). I taught High School Physics, Earth Science, Applied Environmental Science; and Self-Esteem at Hinton High School in Hinton, IA (2002-2004) and I was the head Junior Varsity Baseball Coach (2003-2005); Presently teach 6th grade Physical, Space, and Earth Science at West Middle School in Sioux City, IA (2004-Present); I am presently an active rescue diver for the Siouxland Dive Rescue Team where we dive in mostly black-out water conditions.

NASA EXPERIENCE: Active NEAT Member (2004-Present); Member of NES School District (2005-Present); Presenter at the National NEAT Conference in Orlando, FL (June, 2005); Chaperoned High School Students (Hinton High) to Houston, TX to compete in the Mars Settlement Design Competition (2004).

HOBBIES: I enjoy spending quality, uninterrupted time with my family; summers at the pool with my daughter and son; traveling; learning to speak different languages and learning about different cultures; running; star gazing; whale watching excursions; mountain biking; SCUBA diving; taking students on field trips; reading; working out; watching sun sets over water; any sport/activity that involves water; going for long paddles on my surf board on nearby lakes on summer mornings; surfing (hard to do in Iowa now. . .); drawing with chalk on the driveway with my two precious little ones; romantic evenings with my wife; networking with people in the community who can help bring positive and ethical change to our schools and our students; oh yeah, and did I mention surfing ?

Matthew M. Allner Matthew M. Allner
Matthew M. Allner Matthew M. Allner

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