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Marco Antonio Cáceres Torres
Marco Antonio Cáceres Torres

Biology Teacher
Centro Liceo Domingo Herrera Rivera (B-13), Chile

I am a biology teacher at Liceo Domingo Herrera Rivera (B-13), and I have taught young people from freshmen to senior years in high school since the year 2000, both in common and differentiated classes.

As a matter of interest, I should mention that I like field trips where we take excursions with students to Morro Moreno, San Pedro de Atacama, walks around the Maria Elena and the Coya resort (Loa river).

Another of my interests is astrobiology. I have participated with a group of students in an opportunity in the Scientific Fair at the Northern University in 2004 entitled the Cultivating microalgia (Spirulina sp) for production in a low gravity environment that will be after intial autosustainable cultures.


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