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Linda Powers
Linda Powers

Molecular Scientist
Utah State University

Dr. Linda Powers is the Director of the National Center for the Design of Molecular Function. At Utah State University, she also serves as Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor of Biological and Irrigation Engineering, Adjunct Professor of Physics, and Member of the Molecular Biology Program.

he research efforts of the National Center for the Design of Molecular Function are both basic and applied. Accordingly, the expertise of chemists, microbiologists, biochemists, physicists, and engineers (biological, computer, electrical, environmental , and mechanical) is brought to bear on problems falling within three broad categories: establishing the underlying basis for the design of biomolecular function, the development of novel spectroscopic and kinetic instrumentation, and engineering applications of biotechnology to environmental and biomedical problems. The NCDMF photonics laboratory possesses a variety of capabilities, including photothermal, transient, and real-time time-resolved absorption/ emission measurements. This facility includes a large, shielded laser enclosure containing two excimer lasers, a copper vapor laser (300 kW peak power), and three dye lasers with >10% energy conversion efficiency . A broad selection of optical and diagnostic equipment is available, including four optical tables, and a CCD detector. The biochemical laboratory contains space sufficient a dozen personnel, and is stocked with an extensive complement of reagents and supplies. A cold room and a dark room are located adjacent to a large preparations laboratory. A nearby instrumentation room houses cell sorting instruments, a dual-wavelength double-beam spectrophotometer, a custom-built stopped-flow spectrophotometer, a temperature-jump apparatus, and a computer-interfaced electron spin resonance spectrometer equipped for studying reactions having msec time resolution. A Sun computer system with high resolution graphics terminals coupled to a bank of i860 transputer parallel processing nodes provide nearly a GFLOP of computing power for 3-D molecular graphics and molecular dynamics calculations as well as other parallel applications.

Dr Powers' personal interests include snowboarding, equestrian events, and windsurfing.

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