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Linda Conrad

Web Event Coordinator
NASA Ames Research Center

I work at NASA Ames Research Center as part of the Educational Technology Team. My primary responsibility is to maintain the giant Quest website that is all about kids getting to know and being in touch with NASA. One of my favorite activities is to oversee the Quest Challenges in which students get to tackle authentic NASA issues and, with the help of NASA experts, try to find solutions to problems.

This job satisfies both my love of teaching and my long time love of NASA and space exploration (ask me sometime about where I was July 1969). I attended something like 26 schools as I was growing up, and by force developed a love of travel. I was raised in Latin America until I was 13 years of age and consequently feel pretty at home in Spanish. My career has been closely related to education, even when I was a business consultant in Washington D.C. before becoming a stay-at-home mom to twins and engaging in a whole different type of education. When the dynamic duo were old enough to go to school, so did I, and I taught junior high Spanish and technology for about 10 years.

It was during my quest to find a better way to teach using technology that I encountered NASA Quest. I took a University of California Extension class entitled Navigating the Internet, and, to make a very long story short, my instructor later became my boss here at NASA Ames.

When I’m not at NASA, my current fascination is having a daughter, son-in-law and four darling grandchildren close by and trying to keep up with my jet-setting son and daughter-in-law are working and studying in Oxford.

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