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Iván Castillo Rubina
Iván Castillo Rubina

Biology and Chemistry Teacher
Liceo Domingo Herrera Rivera B-13, Chile

My name is Iván Castillo Rubina, and I am a Biology and Chemistry teacher. I have a postgraduate degree in Educational Evaluation and in Educational Investigation Techniques. As professor of middle school I teach classes from the first to the forth years of middle school in the Liceo Domingo Herrera Rivera B-13. My email address is:

In addition I am the Scientific Academy advisor of my school. This activity has given me great personal and professional satisfaction. I work with a group of students on investigative projects in the most diverse areas of science and technology. Thanks to the latter it is that we have had the priviledge of representing our country, Chile, in the World Fair of Young Inventors in Tokyo, Japan and in the INTEL-ISEF World Fair in Phoenix, Arizona. We will be traveling soon to Veracruz, Mexico to demonstrate our most recent investigation. This year (2006) we will participate in the ESO contest entitled “Cash a Star! with our “Planting Life on Mars with Extremophiles” project. It is for this reason that I am very happy to participate in the NASA program entitled Astrobiology in the Atacama Desert 2006.

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