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Cherlyn Anderson

NES Teacher
Sandhills Middle School
Gaston, South Carolina

Greetings from South Carolina! I have taught middle school for 27 years, with my primary focus being in science, technology, and reading. I have been an Instructional Technology Coordinator at two different schools-one in VA and the other here in SC. I also spent a one year sabbatical in the Office of Technology at the South Carolina Department of Education. I enjoyed my time out of the classroom working with teachers, but my energy comes from my students’ excitement of learning! I returned to the classroom four years ago to teach 8th grade science and reading. Currently I am teaching 8th grade science and South Carolina History.

Science has offered many exciting opportunities for me. I attended a NASA NEWMAST Workshop at Stennis Space Center almost 10 years ago, my former colleague (now my Principal) and I were selected through a NSF grant to present our science curriculum at an International Geo-Sci Education Conference in Hilo, Hawaii, and I was one of two SC teachers selected to attend a National Geographic/JASON XIV Channel Islands Field Institute in 2003. In 2004 my students and I were able to participate in a NASA/JASON remote sensing pilot program using the radio controlled airplanes similar to those used during the Channel Islands expedition. The last several years I have been a Field Trainer in South Carolina for the JASON Project. I have also been an online facilitator for JASON Academy workshops. My students and I just finished the Mysteries of Earth and Mars JASON expedition. It has been an awesome topic for both me and my students. I was able to meet Kobie Boykins who designed the solar panels on the current rovers, Dr. Jim Garvey (crater expert), and Dr. Jack Farmer (extremophiles) last summer at the JASON National Conference.

Personally, I have a wonderful husband of 30 years that has put up with my passion for science. My three sons also have had to endure a science fanatic for a Mom. They are now 25, 22, and 19. I am also an extraordinarily proud “Nana” of the most beautiful, funny, and intelligent (of course!) little 13 month old boy!

I am so excited about our expedition this summer. I can’t wait to perhaps see some new constellations!! My students next year will have to re-live this experience with me each day I’m sure!

Watching take off of the NASA Radio Controlled airplane as weWatching take off of the NASA Radio Controlled airplane as we use digital video and infrared cameras at Congaree National Swamp
The plane!The plane!

Top image: Receiving Christa McAuliffe Award from Christa's Mom, Grace

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