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Matt at the research site was called the Pisgah Crater in the Mojave desert

see caption below
Jut burying one of the temp/RH sensors at the drip line of the cave we were in (note the sun line to the right of Jut and the shadow to the left)
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One of the Hobo weather stations being buried (hidden) in some rocks. This particular weather station was hidden outside of one of the caves selected for research

Merzy (left), Glen (center) and Jut (right) getting the thermal infrared camera calibrated and ready for field work that day. (Jut will know more about any science specifics you may need regarding the camera and methodologies)

Matt getting another Hobo weather stations ready for burial. This station was buried at the back (dark zone) of a very unstable cave that required us navigating like rats between the rock structures to get to the back of the cave.
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Jut deploying a Hobo weather station in the dark zone of a cave
see caption belowMatt posing alongside of Jut just before they buried sensors in the dark zone of the cave
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Jut on the far left and a helper (two random guys we met at the parking lot that tagged along for a few hours) standing in front of one of the lava tube openings
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Pisgah Crater from out in the lava fields (looking back).  The thermal infrared imaging camera was placed at about the half-way point up on the side of the crater

Matt is pictured above doing caving research with Jut Wynn inside the lava tubes deploying sensors (temperature and relative humidity) being used for comparison to infrared images being recorded of the lava fields from up on the side of the crater.  

He also has four research abstracts accepted for presentation at the upcoming COSPAR Assembly in Montreal, Canada and at the IAC in Scotland.  Three of the research abstracts are scientific papers from data Matt collected at the MDRS in Utah (Spaceward Bound II) in Utah. (for Space Psychology, co-authored by Chris McKay, Dr. Sheryl Bishop (University of Texas Medical Branch), Dr. Vadim Rygalov (University of North Dakota), and Dr. Vadim Gushin (Russian Academy of Sciences; Institute for Biomedical Problems). 

The fourth paper is an education outreach paper that highlights the NASA Explorer School and Spaceward Bound programs, written by Matt and will be presented at the IAC in Scotland involves other authors (Liza Coe, Jon Rask, Jut Wynne, a friend of Matt's, Jim Paradise).  Matt was selected by NASA for full funding support to travel to both conferences to present this work.  Matt writes, "If it weren't for SB and the Ames crew, none of this would be possible.  I appreciate the doors you have opened for me, and I hope my hard work reflects the great program you have going for NASA and the US."


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