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Donald L Hoff,
Associate Professor of Science
Valley City State University

I am currently an Associate Professor of Science in the Mathematics, Science and Health & Physical Education Division at Valley City State University (VCSU).  I recently successfully completed the tenure and promotion process for the North Dakota University  System.

I received a BS degree (Chemistry major) from Dickinson State University, Dickinson, ND, and a MS degree (Earth Science/Science Education major) from North Dakota State University, Fargo.   Since then I have done extensive post graduate work (106 semester hours in sciences and 38.35 semester hours in education beyond master’s degree) at numerous institutions.

 This is my 6th year at Valley City State University.  Prior to coming here I was a secondary science teacher in North Dakota and the Marshall Islands for more than 20 years and worked for NASA for a year.  I enjoy travel and photography and often combine them to enrich my teaching.  I have been in all 50 states, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Morocco, England, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.  My wife, Sharon, works at Valley City HS and we have one son, Ryan.

My position at VCSU involves teaching Chemistry, Earth Science/Geology , Science Teaching Methods, and supervising science student teachers so most of my time is spent teaching, assisting students, or supervising student teachers.  I enjoy interacting with students, faculty, and staff and have always loved the intellectual environment of a university campus, especially one like VCSU where one can get to know most people personally.

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