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Sun-Earth Day

March 20, 2002

10 -12 a.m. Pacific Time,
1 to 3 Eastern Time

Coordinates for NASA TV/Satellite:

GEZ Transponder 9C at 85 degrees west longitude, vertical polarization
Frequency t3880 mHz Audio 6.8



As part of NASA's Sun-Earth Day "Celebrate the Equinox" the Sun Earth Connection Education Forum with host Paul Mortfield, a Stanford Solar Center Astronomer, will be joined by students at NASA AMES Research Center to share the the results of activities designed to learn more about the Sun. You can participate in those same Grade-specific activities: Grade K-3, 3-5, Grade 6-8 and Grade 9-12.

This year's webcast will begin with an explanation of the Lakota celebration of the Equinox at Harney Peak, South Dakota. This introduction will include Lakota cultural parallels to the science of the Sun. We will also hear from astronauts about the effects of the Sun on space travel. Guest scientists on hand to help answer questions during the live webcast.

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Read the Script

Sun-Earth Day Information and Materials





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