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Robot Helper Design Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Holy Cross College: Mr. Nowbut
Science 5 Group: Virendra, Jesse, Kiev, and Varun

Topic: How will you know your robot from the others?

Our primary idea is that:
The robot should have a mechanism that will emmit e.m. es at a certain frequency (e.m. waves are waves of the electomagnetic spectrum).E.m waves are chosen since one of their characteristics is that they travel in a vacum (in this case space).Then the astronauts should have a reciever tuned to the exact frequency of that being emitted by the robot. When the reciever recognizes the frequency of the e.m. wave emitted by the robot a light on the reciever should light indicating that the robot is their's. Another way in which the robot can be distinguished is by colour.

More Designs


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