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Robot Helper Design Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Caroline Robins Elementary School: Ms .Liebrecht's Class (5-8)
Our robot buddy: sarb-1
Robot buddy Engineer-Carmen

This is sarb-1. Space Astronaut Robotic Buddy-1. He is made of fiberglass and the parts that need to be metal are metal. The reason most of the parts are fiberglass is because it costs a lot of money to put one pound in space. The robot needs to be lightweight.

Parts of it that might or will be metal are:

    The arms
    The camera (its eyes)
    The thrusters both side and top

Those are some of them. The robot moves by thruster power. It has thrusters on each side of it and one the top so that it doesn’t hit the sealing of the space station. The thrusters are like small fans that move the robot around. On the top of the robot are three almost microscopic sensors that tell the robot that it’s going to hit the top of space station. The sensors have a range of one and a half feet up. When the sensors get within range of the top of the space station, the robot turns on the top thruster and moves down.

student design of robot

More Designs


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