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Robot Helper Design Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Atholton Elementary School: Ms. Lewis Middle School Class

Pro Gardener

We designed our robot to assist the astronauts raise plants in a microgravity environment. It has a toolbox to carry the tools the robot will need to plant and tend the seedlings. The arms are for reaching out to get the tools and the seeds, which are buckled in with adjustable buckles. The suction cups will keep the robot on the ground so it is not flying around the ISS. The legs have moveable joints so it can walk around the ISS. The robot also has a watering can and hose. The robot carries its own environmental sensors used to calibrate sensors in the growing chamber. These sensors are all located behind the glass panel. The thermister used for measuring and recording temperature is located next to the glass panel. Probes used to measure and record plant chamber temperature, humidity and light, are located on top the robot. (We may move these probes to inside the glass panel.) A very small spectrometer is used to measure the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the growing chambers. Information from the robot to the astronauts will be transmitted using a computer chip located inside the robot. Astronauts will communicate and program the robot using the computer.

More Designs


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