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Robot Helper Design Challenge
Preliminary Designs

Mahaffey Middle School: Ms. Calcal's class
By: Alexandra, Melonie, Jack and Megan

Middle school student design of robot

Here are our answers to the entry questions:  

How will it get around?
It will get around by remote control.

What can it do for you/NASA?
It carry items, it provides a thermometer, notebook, printer and a place for emergency supplies. It also provides a corkboard for notes.How will you talk to it?

A. How easy is it for a machine to understand and obey spoken commands?
B What technology needs to be used for this to happen?
C  What are the challenge with this technology
A It depends. If you say " draw the curtains" for ex., they might pull out a pen and paper. Say you have to be specific about your warding.
B Naturally Speaking, at a cost of $115.00.  It''s just a plain keyboard that you speak to and it responds.
C You have to take care of it (make sure it's clean, etc., you can't talk fast or else it will get confused and may disfunction. You have to be specific of what you say.

How can you tell it apart from other robots?
We can install a special identification button into the remote control. We can also make it a vibrant of rare color to be easy to notice.


More Designs

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