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To Chelsey, Stefen, Chelsey, and Ms. Betke:

The drawing of The Flying Claw is very neat, well labeled, and easy to
understand. I am interested to know what your robot will be able to do
when it is complete. How will it be able to help the astronauts? Is there
a reason that you made it round? There are many different possible shapes,
and being round has some advantages. Can you think of some? Can you think
of any disadvantages?

How will the robot communicate with the astronauts? How will the
astronauts tell the robot what to do? What will the robot do if it doesn't
understand the astronaut?

In space, everything floats because there is very little gravity. The
Flying Claw has a retracting cable to lower the robot. The cable would be
very useful on earth because it would allow the robot to connect to the
ceiling and move up and down even though there is gravity. In space, there
is no gravity. What would happen to the robot if it was hanging from the
cable here on earth and someone figured out how to turn off gravity? Would
the robot be able to move up and down anymore? Do you think that the
retractable cable would work in space?

I like the large fan you have for propelling the robot. On our project, we
have a problem because the fans we are using are too small, so the robot
can only move very slowly. Your drawing shows one fan connected to a
roll-pitch-yaw joint. Can you think of a single joint in the human body
that has roll, pitch, and yaw (hint: there are only four). Can your robot
move in every direction? Are there directions in which the fan can't
point? If the robot can only move in some directions, are there places it
can't go?

Feel free to ask us more questions. The best way to solve a problem is to
really understand it. Keep up the good work!

-- Salvatore Domenick Desiano
Research Scientist



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