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Robot Helper Design Challenge

Holy Cross College: Mr. Nowbut
Group Members Rajiv, Daniel, Brent, Blaine, Avinash (Group Leader)

I, Avinash (14 yrs) am the group leader for a team which enters your robotic competition.Our group has decided to do topic 1 that is:
What should your robot buddy look like?

Preliminary Design
Expert Response

This is our 2nd submissions for the robot competition

Comunica 1943

This is a communication robot when the passengers are away from a communication station and an important call comes in for them from earth this robot will be able to find the astronaut abroad the iss and relay the message through the robot ..

Q: 1 how will the robot find the passengers
A: well the astronauts will have on their suit a tag which will emit a low frequency wave .These waves would then be collected by sensors .These sensors would be located all around the iss so that it will pick up the waves, translate it via computers and send it to the communication robot this will determine where the astronaut is.

This robot will move via fans an rudders .we have different view s of the communication robot hopes it good

three angle views of student design

student design side view

thanks Amrit Ramnanan

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