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Robot Helper Design Challenge

Caroline Robins Elementary School: Ms .Liebrecht's 5th Grade
Our robot buddy: Motivators
Robot buddy Engineers-Cateryna and Patti

Preliminary Design
Expert Response

student robot

student robot

Our little robots are like little kids. They like to nag the astronauts. The reason for them to nag an astronaut is to get them to do their work, but have fun!! They will follow you all around the space shuttle or the ISS and ask you questions. They will never be quiet!

They ask questions like “Are we there yet?”, “Do you think you are doing it right?”, “Can we order pizza up here?”, “Are you sure you don’t need help?”, “Where are you going? Can I come?”, “I am very hungry do you have anything to eat?”, “Where do I sleep? I don’t want to go to bed!”, “Can I stay up another 5 minutes?”, “Don’t you have to push this button?”, “Shouldn’t you be up front?’, “What time is it?”, “Do you really know how to land the space shuttle?”, “What are we having for supper? I do not like vegetables!”They also make statements such as “I think you should ask for directions.”, “I need to go to the washroom!”

Astronauts who have kids will really appreciate our robot buddies.

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