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Robot Helper Design Challenge

Barkalow Middle School: Ms. Eisemann's 8th grade students

Preliminary Design
Expert Response

Robot designed and built using
Doctor Walt’s CAD for Kids program.

student design top view

Top View

student design front view

Front View

student design back view

Back View

student design side view

Side View

student design diagoanl view

Diagonal View

student design wire frame view

Wire Frame View


Our robot is dome-shaped. There is a little antenna on top. Two arms come out from the side with clippers at the end to grab things and press buttons. The antenna sends signals to a computer displaying everything it does. On the left side there is an air chamber. There is a steering propeller on the right side, along with thrusters to move up and down. In the center there is a space for batteries to power the robot. There is also a band going around the center of the robot that flashes news and recent messages.

The robot is a hover, and can fly around using the thruster. It also has 3 extendable legs to stand up on its own.
The robot has a voice recognition system so you can tell it what to do.

The robot could unlock doors, pick things up,

Our robot buddy gets around with hover thrusters, which are located below the craft. It steers with propeller thrusters and steering thrusters.

Our robot buddy has various tools on it that look like doors and windows. These tools are air testers, thermometers, and inferred sensors.

We will talk to it by antenna that lies on top of the house-like structure. This sends a signal to the ship and NASA Headquarters. This transmits any tests conducted.

Our robot buddy would take samples and test from other planets.
It could run errands for the astronauts on ISS.

Our robot can receive messages and/or missions. A mission could be to float and maybe make a noise.

More Designs


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