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Robot Helper Design Challenge

Bellville Junior High School: Ms. Cubage's class

I designed my robot, B.O.B., to help astronauts collect samples, translate (so that each Astronaut can understand other astronauts), and help in the station by getting things that are requested by the astronauts.

Description: B.O.B. has a 1Screen, 1Power Button, 2 Ears, 1 Arm with tripod fingers that bend like the joints on our fingers, 1voice box, 1 eye, 1 digital camera, 1 flashlight And 1 thermometer.

Screen Purpose: While trying to communicate B.O.B.
Will put the words up on the screen incase of misunderstanding.

Power Button Purpose: To turn off and on

2 Ears purpose: To be able to hear the voices of the people talking to them

Arm Purpose: In case it needs to lift something up to find something or take a sample, and the three fingers are so it can get a better grip on things

Voice Box Purpose: To be able to talk back to people when having a conversation or giving information.
(If you were wondering how the people with different languages would talk to the robot or to the other astronauts, there is a picture of it on my drawing. On the box there is a letter or two on the control. The control will have the E for English R for Russian and so on. The control will have a spot that you will talk into. Say I wanted to talk to a Russian person and I was Spanish. I would press S to R and then speak into the spot then click send and it will go to your own B.O.B. and speak it out in Russian and also right it on the screen in case of misunderstanding standing. Programmed Languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Farsi, Portuguese

Eye Purpose: So that if it might run into something or take a wrong turn in the space station someone will watch B.O.B. on a screen and control it if it goes or does something wrong. The eye is right above the screen and is basically like a video camera that you watch where it goes

Digital Camera Purpose: To take pictures of certain objects that need to be taken pictures of for research

Flashlight Purpose: The flashlight is used to be able to see in dark places and be used for the flash on the camera

Thermometer Purpose: To take the temperature of the outside and in the space station

Call Button: antenna, controlled by controller Key Questions:

Name: B.O.B., meaning, brains on board

Purpose: Explorer, Translator, Camera, Helper

Size and Design: Cylinder, 6 inches circumference around in all directions except for the side, 1 ft long

Quantity: Each astronaut has his or her own personal B.O.B.

Movement: Tether, Computer Controlled

Power Source: Batteries, Solar powered

Transportation: Co2

Identification: Astronauts will know their B.O.B. from another B.O.B. by color.

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