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2003-2004 Mars Exploration Rover Mission

"Women Working on Mars!"

Join NASA Quest, the Mars Exploration Program, and the Robotics Education Project

May 16, 2002

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mars rover

Rover Image Artwork by Daniel Maas 2002 Cornell University. All Rights Reserved.
This work was performed for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology,
sponsored by the United States Government under Prime Contract # NAS7-1407
between the California Institute of Technology and NASA.

Twin rovers to explore the martian surface

In 2003, NASA will launch twin Mars rovers to explore the Red Planet. Once on the surface, the Rovers will be able to travel significant distances and use several instruments to help scientists determine the climate and water history in Mars' present and past. Many different people are needed to make such an exciting and important mission successful and many of those people are women.

Scientists, engineers, artists, planners --
women do it all!

Through the "Women Working on Mars" webcast, you'll have a chance to meet some of the women who are involved with this fascinating mission! You will hear from scientists, engineers, artists, web designers and many other women who help make Mars exploration possible--and you can even send in your questions via a live webchat.

Join us as we explore the many ways women are involved in the exciting pursuit of Mars exploration!

Mars Mission women involved:

Live participants (click on their names to see their bios):
shonte wright photo Deborah Bass photo jennifer mindock photo
Shonte Wright,
Diana Blaney,
Deborah Bass,
Science Operations System Engineer
Jennifer Mindock, Avionics Validation and Verification
LAPIS Student Test Mission Participant

Taped participants (click on their names to see their bios):

Webcast Organizers

Preparing for the Webcast

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare ahead. If you don't already have it, you must download and install RealPlayer 8 Basic for best webcast viewing. This player is free. Don't forget, once it is downloaded, it must be installed. See full instructions on How to Participate.

Next, you should try to look at some of the background information provided, especially the NASA expert's bio.

Participating in the Webcast

If for some reason you cannot join us for the live webcast, you can input your question ahead of time, and then watch the archive later to see if your question was answered during the webcast. It's not near as cool as being there live, but it is very helpful when there are scheduling conflicts. Also, remember that all of our chat rooms are moderated.

See our calendar of events to participate in webcast, or leave questions in the chat room prior to the event.

More Info

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Suit up, strap in, and blast off at the Mars Exploration Rover Athena Science Payload website

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Send your name to Mars

NASA Quest Chat Lesson


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