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ISS: A Home in Microgravity

Station Update

To welcome in the new year Kennedy Space Center will be hosting a Station Update in the month of January. There will be a discussion of news surrounding the launch of Columbia's Mission STS-109. Hosting the event will be your NASA/Quest Correspondent John Rau at Kennedy Space Center. Our guest for the broadcast will be Mike Ciannilli, a test project engineer at KSC.

This webcast will give you the chance to ask questions about how Kennedy prepares the shuttle for each mission. Mike will give you the latest shuttle processing news and what is currently being done to the shuttle to make it safe for our astronauts. Also Mike will be happy to talk about this mission's payload, the servicing of the Hubble Space Telescope. So come and join the fun and participate in this unique and informative event, see you there


Mike is looking forward to answering your questions; however, he would encourage you to do a little research before you participate in the webcast.

Learn more about the Mission STS-109 and the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Hubble Space Te
<News> <Gallery> <Info> <Team Hubble>

Shuttle Processing with Mike
<News> <Hubble video> <Overview>

If you would like to learn more about the
Landing to Launch Series click on the link below.

Landing to Launch

Webcast - January 10th
at 10 am PST

John Rau will host the January 10th event
from Kennedy Space Center. He will be interviewing our featured expert
Mike Ciannilli. Mike is looking forward to answering your questions on this exciting topic.

View the Archive

Note: If appropriate we will extend the webcast for university questions!



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