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ISS: A Home in Microgravity

KSC Spinoffs

john rau
Joe Delai

Join us to talk about KSC spinoffs during this month's webcast. NASA Quest Correspondent John Rau will be joined by Joe Delai, a mechanical engineer who is currently working on the truss segments for the International Space Station. Joe will be happy to talk about the many ways NASA has directly and indirectly impacted life here on Earth.

During the webcast we will cover the following:

  • Joe will briefly talk about the size and the location of the ISS. He will also discuss the types of research that have been and will be performed on the station.
  • Second part will be a discussion on how the Earth benefits from NASA technology through NASA spinoffs.

International Space Station

Lesson Guide

The Lesson Guide is designed to assist you in understanding the topics of discussion for the webcast. Please review this information PRIOR to the webcast so that you will be prepared to ask your questions!

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Webcast -May 1st
at 10 am PDT

John Rau will host the May 1st
Webcast from Kennedy Space Center at 10 am
Pacific Time, 1 pm Eastern.

Expert Joe Delai is looking forward to answering your questions

View the Archive
Read the Script

Note: If appropriate we will extend the webcast for university questions!

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Chat- May 21
10:00 AM Pacific

Do you have questions about how NASA has helped medical research? Joe will be happy to explain why studying protein crystals aboard the ISS may someday help scientists with cancer research.



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