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Quest Chat with Joe Delai

Test Project Engineer - KSC
May 21, 2002

Tue May 21 17:59:58 2002

[ Lori/QuestChatHost - 307 - 19:48:08 ]
This chatroom has been created to accept your questions for the May 21 chat with Joe Delai, concerning NASA technology spin-offs. Questions may be placed here at any time. They will be held in a queue until the time of the webcast and will not be visible until that time. Please do not repeat your questions.

[ Lori/QuestChatHost - 309 - 19:49:50 ]
Remember to read Joe's bio at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/people/bios/space/delai.html before attending so you can ask appropriate questions. If for some reason you cannot join us for the live chat, you can input your question ahead of time, and then read the archive later to see if your question was answered. It's not as cool as being there live, but it is very helpful when there are scheduling conflicts.

[ Lori/QuestChatHost - 311 - 14:35:01 ]
RE: Hi i would like to schedule an interview for a school research report.
Hi! If you can't attend the chat live, you can always go ahead and put some questions in ahead of time to be answered during the chat. Then you can check back later for your answers. Your questions are answered by a real NASA expert & his background information can be found in an online bio. This leaves the chat for cooler questions about his work. Check with your teacher, but this could be an excellent way to get your interview :-)

[ Joe - 329 - 17:00:22 ]
RE: [Lori/QuestChatHost] Welcome Joe! We have lots of questions for you today!
Good day!

[ Joe - 335 - 17:02:45 ]
RE: Stanley/How is the pacemaker powered?
Stanley, it would be powered by a self contained/small like long-life battery.

[ Joe - 338 - 17:04:50 ]
RE: Jackie/grade6/Florida besides studying bones, what other medical benefits will come from experiments in space?
Jackie, a lot can come from space. Besides bones, we can perform cancer research. Pharmaceutical research is another one. There is an advantage when you can eliminate gravity from the experiment.

[ Joe - 341 - 17:05:46 ]
RE: Mya What part of your job do you like best?
Mya, good question. I enjoy working with all the various countries and I am proud to be part of a team that is dedicated to making life better for us on Earth.

[ Lori/QuestChatHost - 342 - 17:06:28 ]
RE: Moon Debate Class/ hi I am just wanted to ask you some questions, my class and I are debating whether we really went to the moon or not, could you please send us some information that we really did?
Although, Joe can answer, too -- one place to explore this is at: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2001/ast23feb_2.htm.

[ Joe - 343 - 17:06:49 ]
RE: Tim/5thgrade/LA What are the truss sections used for? What are made of? How heavy are they?
Tim, most are made from a high strength/low weight aluminum material. The average weight of a truss is about 20,000 lbs.

[ Joe - 344 - 17:08:06 ]
RE: how does a space shuttle work
The space shuttle works by mixing hydrogen and oxygen. Then you ignite the fuel and you have a lot of thrust!!

[ Joe - 345 - 17:08:40 ]
In order to reach our orbit, we have to achieve about 17,000 MPH.

[ Joe - 351 - 17:09:39 ]
RE: Moon Debate Class/ hi I am just wanted to ask you some questions, my class and I are debating whether we really went to the moon or not, could you please send us some information that we really did?
We did go to the moon, but you can look at http://www.nasa.gov/ and find a lot of info in the education center.

[ Joe - 352 - 17:11:12 ]
RE: How much has NASA Space technology been improved since the 1900's?
Most of the work we are performing today, the benefits are long term. We are now enjoying the benefits from the Apollo/early shuttle days. The ISS, our kids and their kids will enjoy the benefits.

[ Joe - 353 - 17:12:08 ]
RE: Where did you go to colledge at?
I went to college at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and the University of Central Florida.

[ Joe - 354 - 17:13:53 ]
RE: Moon Debate Class/ 1. How do you benefit the government? 2. How does this space program help out people? 3. How does it help the scientific gain?
Moon class, good questions. Most of the research we are performing on the ISS is long term. Remember, research is done in the present day to benefit us in the future. I feel it is the government's obligation to promote and perform research -- then at a certain point, various companies can take over.

[ Joe - 357 - 17:14:43 ]
RE: Moon Debate Class/ 8. Do you pollute the environment?
Moon class, the shuttle does not pollute the environment and the ISS does not either.

[ Joe - 358 - 17:15:48 ]
RE: Jessie I missed your webcast, but wanted to know how big is the ISS? How big will it be when it is finished? When will it be finished?
Jessie, the ISS will weigh about 1 million lbs and be about 200 X 300 feet. About the size of two football fields.

[ Joe - 359 - 17:16:50 ]
RE: The X-38 project was cancelled sometime back. Don't you think it'll hamper the ISS project? After all we do need CRVs.
The Russians will have two CRV's but I hope that this project will come back because I feel it will help us in developing the next generation of space vehicles.

[ Joe - 363 - 17:18:38 ]
RE: What were your favorite subjects in school including college? / Evan
Evan, My favorite subjects were math, physics, and chemistry.

[ Joe - 364 - 17:19:27 ]
RE: What part of the space station when it is finished will be your favorite piece or part? Why?
My favorite piece will always be the docking port on station because that was the first piece I worked on.

[ Joe - 365 - 17:20:26 ]
RE: During the webcast you talked about some hair gel stuff made only in spoace what is it made of & what do you use for in space? Do you make it there & bring it back to Earth to use? For what?
The aerogel is made of a type of polymer and can be used for insulation between windows.

[ Joe - 371 - 17:21:51 ]
RE: Are you still in the military, or do you work as a Nasa employee? Is NASA the part of the military?
NASA is a civilian agency. I am no longer in the military.

[ Joe - 372 - 17:22:51 ]
RE: Are the invisible braces you talked about made of composites? What? Please tell me as much as you can, as I will be getting braces soon Margarite
Have you ever seen the invisible braces on TV? Also, the ones you get at the dentists office, is a plastic polymer. They are all like that these days.

[ Joe - 373 - 17:23:30 ]
RE: On Mars is there gravity? If i flew to mars landed got out of the space shuttle would i float? If i went do the south pole of mars would i fall off?
The gravity on Mars is a lot less, but there is some -- about 1/3 of Earth's gravity.

[ Joe - 374 - 17:24:25 ]
RE: Allan Why is crstal growth so important in space? What is being learned from this?
Allan, in space we can grow crystals faster and better then we can on earth. This will save time and money.

[ Joe - 375 - 17:25:50 ]
RE: In what ways have the advancements in technology, and especially computers helped to increase the amounts of knowledge that we have as humans on the space and the solar system?
Today we can see farther and we know more then ever. The more we know and the more we find out, future generations will only benefit from this and will enable them to do more.

[ Joe - 381 - 17:27:04 ]
RE: Do you know about the suit made for the bubble boy who couldnāt go outside like everyone else?
I have seen this movie, a long time ago.

[ Joe - 383 - 17:29:14 ]
RE: Dalton/How does a solar array make power?
Dalton, the panels take the energy/heat from the sun and convert it into usable electricity. Electrical power is the most critical resource for the International Space Station (ISS) because it allows the crew to live comfortably, to safely operate the station, and to perform scientific experiments. So, whether it is used to power the life support system, run a furnace that makes crystals, manage a computerized data network, or operate a centrifuge, electricity is essential. Since the only readily available source of energy for spacecraft is sunlight, NASA Glenn Research Center has pioneered, and continues to develop, technologies to efficiently convert solar energy to electrical power. One method of harnessing this energy, called photovoltaics, uses purified silicon solar cells to directly convert light to electricity. Large numbers of cells are assembled in arrays to produce high power levels.

[ Joe - 384 - 17:29:59 ]
RE: Moon Debate Class/ 7. How much does NASA spend in a year?
moon class, we are one of the lowest federal agencies for budget, but yet I think we produce the most.

[ Lori/QuestChatHost - 385 - 17:30:26 ]
RE: What are the requirements and/or prerequisites to be an astronaut followed by education and classes needed? Are you required to have 20/20 as well? if so, is Lasik surgery considered?
You can find out all you need to know about becoming an astronaut at -- http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/outreach/jobsinfo/astronaut.html.

[ Joe - 386 - 17:31:00 ]
RE: Moon Debate Class/ ? 9. How do you help with space travel? 10. Why do you explore space
Moon class, I feel that we need to travel to various bodies in space and to determine if an element or compound exists that does not exist on Earth but it could help us in some way.

[ Joe - 391 - 17:35:16 ]
RE: Frasier/8/Ms.Carlson Can you me about the background of nomex & velcro? Didnāt NASA invent these?
Ms Carlson, NASA "teamed" with various contractors to develop a suit that was resistant to fire. One of the spinoffs was Nomex.

[ Joe - 395 - 17:38:15 ]
RE: Is there relly live on mars
One can only answer this after we have studied more and have been there.

[ Joe - 396 - 17:38:36 ]
RE: What life science discoveries have resulted from space study?
For instance, studies of the Sun's effects on Earth will improve forecasts of events ranging from the temporary disruption of telecommunications to the long-term alterations in climate. The practical applications here on Earth gained from space science on the International Space Station will be invaluable. This unique venue offers the opportunity to pursue investigations into solar studies, cosmic rays, the physical and chemical composition of the space environment, as well as the presence of dark matter in the universe.

[ Joe - 398 - 17:40:43 ]
RE: How did NASA help with the pacemaker & how do they use it? Do astronauts go into space with pacemakers?
In the fundamental field of biology, the scientists of the International Space Station will assist in answering some very basic scientific questions in a different environment. For example, what is the role of gravity in the processes of biological evolution? Also, how does acute or chronic exposure to altered gravity and other space-related factors affect normal physiology, metabolism and function of mature organisms? These are just two of a multitude of possible theories and hypotheses in the fields of biological research that the astronauts and cosmonauts could help answer.

[ Joe - 399 - 17:41:15 ]
RE: What are composites and what are they used for?
Composites are light weight, but yet strong material.

[ Joe - 400 - 17:42:04 ]
RE: My name is Joe to. I was wondering what it's like in NASA. So write back a s a p im in computer for 5 more minites
Working for NASA is great. We do many different things and I enjoy working on a program that will benefit mankind for many years.

[ Joe - 403 - 17:45:43 ]
RE: Mya did NASA develop solar arrays? what other things are they used on (other than iss) in space & on earth?
Mya, NASA helps to make them more efficient so we can us them on earth for many applications.

[ Joe - 405 - 17:47:04 ]
RE: Paula/9th What types of computer technology has NASA developed that we all are using on a daily basis?
Many of the new engineering technologies being developed on the International Space Station will lead to improved commercial space communication systems for personal phone, computer and video use. Also, they will lead to improvements to energy use efficiencies, air and water quality capabilities in private and commercial buildings, and to improvements in automated maintenance functions and new lower-cost building construction techniques. Advancements in space technology will significantly enhance the quality of life on Earth and will help make the utilization and exploration of space safer and more affordable.

[ Lori/QuestChatHost - 407 - 17:49:02 ]
We have about 5 minutes left for the chat today. Joe is finishing up the last of the questions.

[ Joe - 408 - 17:49:43 ]
RE: Anson/grade5/How does studying bones in space help anyone here on Earth? Is it to make people live longer?
Anson, if we want to travel in space we have to slow down various reactions to the body. One is the loss of bone mass. If we can do this for long term space travel, then in turn this will benefit us on Earth.

[ Joe - 410 - 17:50:59 ]
RE: I realy love science! I will never stop taking it! It's realy awesome! There are many things to enjoy, such as astronomy, physics/motion, chemistry, the environment, and also the weather. I will gladly take it again the year after Next year.
No matter what you do, remember always to enjoy it!!! If you like something like science or history then your job will be that much better!

[ Lori/QuestChatHost - 412 - 17:52:53 ]
As Joe finishes answering the last question -- I want to thank you all for joining us today! Great questions! I know summer is right around the corner -- so everyone have a great summer :-)

[ Joe - 411 - 17:51:59 ]
RE: Moon Debate Class/ 4. How do you help space technology? 5. What do you do to save natural resources?
moon class, The ability to understand the Earth and its environmental response to natural and human-induced variations such as air quality, climate, land use, food production as well as ocean and fresh water health are some of the benefits expected from Earth science research aboard the International Space Station. The astronauts onboard, their work and the instruments used will provide a "window on the world", enabling scientists to monitor and understand the factors affecting quality of life. Aboard the International Space Station, the field of fundamental physics has a grand opportunity. Not only will the laws of quantum theory as they pertain to mapping of the relic of quantum gravity --gravitational waves generated from the Big Bang -- be tested, but the areas of high powered physics will be able to develop new, more precise atomic clocks with the combination of a new laser cooling technology and microgravity.

[ Lori/QuestChatHost - 413 - 17:53:40 ]
Thanks for joining us today Joe and sharing your knowledge and expertise! We look forward to chatting with you again :-)

[ Joe - 415 - 17:55:13 ]
I, too, would like to thank everyone. I want everyone to remember: Now with a permanent human presence in space aboard the International Space Station, the practical benefits to mankind are almost infinite. Not only will there be new advances in space technology, but there will be a chance for all types of different scientific fields to have new theories tested and experiments completed in microgravity.

[ Lori/QuestChatHost - 416 - 17:55:32 ]
Have a great day all :-)



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