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NASA Smart Skies™ introduces its newest standards-based math and science instructional activities for grades 5-9—LineUp With Math™. NASA is hosting nationwide classroom trials to evaluate the web-based and print-based materials.


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Oval: Click to apply by February 24, 2006


What is LineUp With Math™?

LineUp With Math™ enables students to explore and resolve distance-rate-time conflicts in realistic air traffic control problems using decision-making and proportional reasoning skills. Students use a web-based interactive simulator that represents an air traffic controller's screen. Acting as controllers, students are challenged to "line up" planes safely, with proper spacing, at a given intersection of jet routes. Accompanying workbooks and classroom activities provide the underlying mathematics and strategies to enable students to optimize their solutions. After completing the workbooks and activities, students return to the simulator and apply their newly learned skills in an effort to "beat the clock" while solving the problem.


LineUp With Math™ consists of six Problem Sets. Each contains:

  • Interactive ATC simulator problems (web-based)

  • Student workbook (print-based)

  • Supporting teacher materials

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Who can participate?

Math and science teachers throughout the United States representing grades 5-9 are invited to participate in this evaluation. To qualify for participation, teachers must meet the following technical requirements:

  • Access to 1 computer for every 2 students (for example, a class of 30 students needs at least 15 computers.)

  • High-speed Internet access for each computer (faster than dialup speed)

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download from the Internet)

  • Macromedia Flash player (free download from the Internet)

  • QuickTime movie player (free download from the Internet)

  • Operating Systems: Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, or Windows XP for the PC or OS-X v.10.2 or higher for the Macintosh.

  • Browsers: Internet Explorer v.5.5 or higher or Mozilla Firefox v.1.4 or higher for the PC or Safari for the Macintosh.


Participants will be divided into two groups:

  • Group A—those evaluating the first three Problem Sets (1-3)

  • Group B—those evaluating all six Problem Sets (1-6)
    Note: Only teachers in grades 7-9 will be eligible for Group B.



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What will the evaluation involve?

Participants in Groups A and B will use the LineUp With Math materials with their students, including the web-based simulator and the accompanying student workbooks. Upon completing Problem Sets 1-3, all teachers will be required to complete an online survey to provide feedback on various elements of the first three Problem Sets. Upon completing Problem Sets 4-6, the Group B teachers will be required to complete an additional online survey.

All teacher guides, answer keys, and student materials will be available for participants to download in PDF format from the LineUp With Math web site. The web-based simulator will be accessed through the LineUp With Math web site as well.


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What are the schedule and time requirements?

Teachers in Group A will need a total of 3-5 class periods to complete Problem Sets 1-3 with their students. The evaluation period for Group A is four weeks, March 13 – April 7.


Teachers in Group B will need a total of 8-10 class periods to complete Problem Sets 1-6. The evaluation period for Group B is nine weeks: four weeks for Problem Sets 1-3 (March 13 – April 7) and five weeks for Problem Sets 4-6 (April 10 – May 12).



Evaluation Task




Teachers submit applications for national classroom trials.



February 13–24


NASA notifies teacher participants.



March 6-10


Classroom trials begin.



March 13


Groups A and B complete Problem Sets 1-3 and respond to online evaluation survey.



April 7


Group B completes Problem Sets 4-6 and responds to online evaluation survey.



May 12


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What will I receive?

Teachers who complete the evaluation process (teach the required Problem Sets and complete the evaluation survey) will receive an appreciation package containing the following:

  • Formal letter acknowledging time, participation, and feedback

  • USB flash drive with NASA logo


  • Classroom certificate

  • NASA goodie for each student

  • Ream of paper!


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How do I apply?

Click the button below to submit an application. You will be notified of the selection results by March 10, 2006.



Oval: Click to apply by February 24, 2006


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