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Why Career Education?

We need to increase student awareness and interest in science, technology and math occupations, because:

  • three health-related professions, and
  • computer-related occupations in the top four.

Computer and science-related positions are projected to increase by 66 percent between 1996 and 2006.

However, the percentage of students earning bachelor's and master's degrees in science, technology and math has remained constant.

Degrees in science or computer science 1980 1990 1995 1996
Bachelor's 24% 22% 22% 24%
Master's 17% 21% 21% 22%

Statistical Abstract of the United States 119th ed., The National Data Book, US Census Bureau, Washington D.C. 1999.

2. A 1992 study of 1,084 students in grades 2, 5, 8 and 11 found that:

  • " ...students were relatively unknowledgeable about the range of careers and necessary preparation for them; "
  • girls were unlikely to enroll in science courses without the decision to pursue a science career;
  • students' interest in science decreased as students got older.

Moffat, Nancy, et. Al., "Girls and Science Careers: Positive Attitudes are not Enough", Arizona State University, March 1992.