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Centennial of Flight:
Rediscovering Women's Contribution's
to Flight

Webcast Panelists
Web Cast Panelists at
NASA Ames Research Center Auditorium

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Contents of this page:

the wright brothers glider and the shuttle lauching
with permission from Nick Engler


December 17th, 2003, marks the 100th anniversary of manned powered flight. Wilbur and Orville made their first flight on December 17, 1903. NASA Quest's Centennial of Flight Project will be continuing to highlight the gifts that power flight has brought to modern day life and the ways that different people have made a contribution.

Take our Daughters to Work Day:
This April 23 - 25, 2002 event focused on women's contributions to the history and the future of aerospace. Meet women and men who work at NASA, private and commercial aviators and Amelia Earhart! They described their love of flight, science, engineering and technology.

webcast Webcasts

a picture of Gloria Yamauchi

Webcast with Gloria Yamauchi. Do researchers get to play with model planes? Well, sort of! Hear Gloria tell about her recent wind tunnel test of model tiltrotors landing on a naval destroyer!

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XV- 15An XV- 15 is a kind of tiltrotor plane.

a picture of an early aviator

Leisure flying / flying for fun A webcast with Lorna. In this webcast, our private pilots and aero experts will teach students how to prepare their own flight plan. Live in flight video will be used to demonstrate the essentials for a safe and successful route.

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Read the Transcript

a collage of pictures of Wendy Holforty, Mitzi Saylor and Cecilia Aragon

What would it feel like to be Cecilia Aragon, aerobatic champion pilot, Wendy Holforty, NASA Aerospace Engineer and Civil Air Patrol pilot, or Mitzi Saylor, B-737 Captain for United Airlines? Ask these pilots yourself during the webcast!

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Read the Transcript

a picture of an early aviator

Interactive webcast on JETS! Join one of the few female corporate jet pilots and jet pilot instructors as she discusses this new field for women. Her enthusiasm for flying, travel, and making your career exciting will ignite your students thinking about future career paths in the aeronautical sciences.

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Read the Transcript

Astronaut Video Contest
Only here on NASA Quest, view 3 video interviews with NASA astronauts:
a photo of Eileen Collins
Eileen Collins
View Video
Read the Transcript

a picture of Susan Helms
Susan Helms

View Video
Read the Transcript

a picture of Shannon Lucid
Shannon Lucid

View Video
Read the Transcript

Then take a stab at answering our questions!

The winner is: Erol from Sunnyvale

the forum icon Forums

a phot of Marta Bohn Meyer

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to fly the SR-72? Fly from one border to another in an hour? Ask questions of Marta Bohn Meyer the first woman to fly the SR-72 in the all day forum!

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a picture of Joyce Dever

Find out what materials Joyce Dever tested for the Hubble Space Telescope? Why does she need to know calculus? Ask her questions in the all day forum?

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Kathryn Clark

Can women be important scientists? You Bet! Kathryn Clark is great example!! She is the Chief Scientist at NASA for the human exploration of space! Way cool! and she's a member of the 99's! Ask her questions in the all day forum!

Read the Archive

Rosaly M. C. Lopes-Gautier
Can you imagine growing up in Brazil, studying in London, England and working on the Galileo project to study volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io? Just a day in the life of Rosaly M. C. Lopes-Gautier. Ask her questions in an all day forum.

Read the Archive

Anna Dell

Anna Dell Young Women of NASA Advisory Council

Read the Archive

a webchat icon Webchats

Amelia Earhart photo

Wouldn't it be fun to ask Amelia Earhart questions? Let's pretend we can! Students will answer for Amelia in a web chat.

Read the Archive

Fanny Zuniga

You met Fanny Zuniga in our October webcast from the Vertical Motion Simulator. Now you can chat with her in Spanish or English in the Take our Daughters to Work Day chat room!

Read the Archive

Pat Cowling

Chat on Human factors and Medical Innovations that have improved flying for pilots Did you ever wonder how pilots can concentrate for long periods of time, how astronauts adjust to flying in space, and how we have progressed in these endeavors? Pat Cowings can give you some advice! She is a research psychologist here at NASA Ames!

Read the Archive


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Before the Web events

If you’ve never participated in a webcast or chat, review

During this Web event, you will learn about the contributions of women to aviation and aerospace. You will actually get to interact with some aviators and NASA experts by posting your questions in the chat room!

Your goal is to identify problems that women faced in the world of aviation and aerospace and the many different contributions they have made.

Before participating in the online events, please review the bio(s) of the person(s) you will be talking to so that you can ask good questions and so that you don’t ask them any questions that they’ve already answered.

Here are some example questions you might think about before the events.

Additional Lesson plans of interest for this event

Educator Resources

NASA Occupations Chat Lesson (pdf download)

Female Frontiers Lesson Plans

Susan Helms Webcast Archive (real media download)

Flying through Time Video


To participate in a webcast, chat or forum, click the "join" links on the calendar of events, where you can find dates and times.

If you can't attend the live event, post your questions ahead of time, and come back later to check the archive.

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