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Webcast Discussion Questions


These questions can be used to test for comprehension and preparation for the webcast at 10 AM on Thursday, April 24, 2002 and for theBilingual Chat with Fanny Zuniga at 11 AM on Thursday, April 24, 2002.


Wendy Holforty

What rank does Wendy hold in the Civil Air Patrol?

Who laughs more children or adults?

What job did Wendy have when she learned to fly?

How many college degrees does Wendy have? (be careful)

How did Wendy support herself in college?

How did Wendy’s parents encourage her?

What is Wendy searching for as a "search and rescue pilot?"

Name two skills Wendy said are important for this position?

What kind of work has Wendy done at NASA?

What are Wendy’s hobbies?

Mitzi Saylor

What skills are required for Mitzi’s current job?

How old was Mitzi when she had her strongest memory of the joy of flight?

What were some the things Mitzi did when she was growing up?

What skill does Mitzi need for both of her jobs?

Name two jobs tha Mitzi had as a pilot?

What does Mitzi like best about her job?

Who was Mitzi’s mentor for becoming a pilot?

What awards did Mitzi receive?

What are Mitzi’s hobbies?

What is Mitzi’s advice for choosing a career?

Cecilia Aragon

What does Cecilia do for NASA?

How did Cecilia fall in love with flying?

What competitions has Cecilia won?

What kind of maneuvers does Cecilia fly?

How does she train for a race?

How did Cecilia like flying the Shuttle simulator?

What does having a scientific degree mean to Cecilia?

When does Cecilia fly in airshows now?

What range of G-forces does Cecilia sustain?

What does Cecilia teach?

Fanny Zuniga

What does Fanny research?

¿Qué investiga Fanny?

What skills does Fanny’s job require?

¿Cuáles son los requisitos de su trabajo?

Why is Fanny’s job rewarding?

¿Qué parte de su trabajo le recompensa por las complicaciones de su trabajo?

When did Fanny fall in love with the air and space program?

¿Desde qué punto en su vida soñó Fanny con trabajar para la NASA?

What were some of the obstacles that Fanny had to overcome?

¿Cuáles son algunos de los obstaculos que se presentaron a Fanny al seguir su carrera?

What did Fanny study as an undergraduate?

¿Qué estudió Fanny en la Universidad de Syracuse?

Where is Fanny studying for her Ph.D.?

¿Dónde está estudiando actualmente?

What is Fanny’s ultimate dream?

¿Cuál es el sueño de Fanny para el futuro?

What is Fanny’s advice?

¿Qué recomienda Fanny a los estudiantes?

What kind of scholarship did Fanny receive?

¿Qué tipo de beca recibió Fanny?



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