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Enter the Pioneer 10 Virtual Conference Chatroom

Helpful Hints

Following are a few simple instructions that will make it easier to become familiar with WebChat.

Entering Your Name:

  • You should always begin a chat by identifying yourself!

  • Handle Box: Below the large white chat box, you will find a smaller white box that asks for your "Handle." In this box you will want to be sure and type your name and school name. Try and keep this abbreviated as the field is not very large.

  • An example: Pat/Lincloln Elem.

  • Hit the "Chat Button" to save this information.
Refresh Rate:
  • Definition: The "Refresh Rate" determines how often the text on your screen is updated or refreshed. As your screen is refreshed you are able to see the new messages that have been sent by the other chatters.

  • Do NOT hit the "Reload" button to try and see new messages...

  • Manual Refresh Rate: Just above the large white chat window is a refresh rate option. If you leave the "Refresh Rate" box blank, you will hit the "Chat Button" when you are ready to read new messages.

  • Automatic Refresh Rate: Just above the large white chat box is a refresh rate option. You can enter a number between 1 and 99 and your screen will be automatically refreshed allowing you to see new messages.

    The number you enter represents the number of seconds between refreshes. If you enter a high number the chat screen will be refreshed infrequently. If you enter a lower number the refresh rate will occur almost constantly. We suggest the number 20 for starters.

  • Pause Button: IF you have entered a number in the "Refresh Rate" window, you will need to hit the "Pause Button" before you begin to type your message in the "Chat Window." This will stop the refresh while you type your message. (If you have not entered a number in the "Refresh Rate" box you will not see the "Pause Button.")

  • Chat Window: To send a message to the rest of the group, type it into the large white window.

  • Chat Button: Once you have completed your message hit the "Chat Button" to send your message out to the other participants.


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