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Meet: Bill Todd

Photo of Bill Todd in the Aquarius

NASA Undersea Research Team Project Lead
Spaceflight Training Simulation Supervisor
NASA Johnson Space Center

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Who I Am and What I Do

Hi! I work for United Space Alliance at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. I am a Simulation Supervisor in Spaceflight Training. I am responsible for developing and executing the multi-national simulations used for training the astronauts and flight control teams who will work the missions to build the International Space Station. I have spent quite a bit of time as an Operations Lead at the Mission Control Center in Moscow, Russia.

I am also responsible for developing and managing the NASA Undersea Research Team "NEEMO" - NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations. This program utilizes the Aquarius as a research facility for space missions such as long-term space habitation. I was an aquanaut on the 2000 "NASA SEATEST " mission and the October 2001 NASA NEEMO 1 mission. I am currently working as the project lead for the 2002 NASA missions.

I have had the opportunity to be involved in training an interesting array of flights, including the first two flights to build the International Space Station, crew training for the deployment mission of the Italian-made Tethered Satellite System and for the first flight to rendezvous with the MIR Space Station. Prior to this, I worked as a space shuttle systems astronaut instructor for many missions including the first flight to deploy the Hubble Telescope. I also lead the international training activities for STS-97/ISS 4A, which went up in November 2000.

Preparation for Career

I graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in geology in 1982. I have visited numerous underwater habitats and submersibles, and am interested in the parallels between living and working in inner and outer space.

I am a Professional Association of Diving Instructor (PADI) Divemaster and instrument rated pilot. My hobbies are boating, diving and skiing with my family. I also play guitar in my rock band, The Rockit Scientists.


As a kid, I grew up watching the Apollo launches from my beachfront hometown of Cocoa Beach, Florida, where my father was also employed in the space program. It was there, at a young age, that I was immersed in and captivated by both sea and space environments.

My wife, Karen, and our two daughters, Kristen and Kari, reside in Seabrook Texas -- along with way too many cats and a rabbit named "Soxy".

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