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Meet: Louis Malone II

College Cooperative Education Student
NASA Johnson Space Center

Photo of Louis Malone

Who I Am and What I Do
I am a co-op student. I work with the Space Station Training Facility (SSTF). The SSTF is the primary facility used to train the flight and ground crews in the operation of the International Space Station (ISS).

I have always continued to pursue my education in a multiplicity of areas. After receiving my bachelor of science degree in mathematics from South Carolina State University, I realized that I wanted to learn more. Thus, I started pursuing my B.S. in computer science at the University of Houston-Downtown. I want to make learning a part of my future. Hence, I also want to be affiliated with an institution of higher learning in some capacity for my entire life.

What I enjoy most about my work here is that I can make a difference within my area. I have close contact with the SSTF and the crew. It is really exciting to be a part of the training of the flight and ground crew for the operation of the ISS. Sometimes, I feel as though I am in a dream . . . it all seems so surreal. But, I am not in a dream. And I will do my best to add to the wealth of talent that NASA has to offer.

I am now doing my second tour at JSC. Since my last tour, many changes have taken place. I am very close to completing my second degree. Next year, 2003, I will have graduated with a BS in Computer Science. I am still interested in becoming a permanent full-time employee with NASA JSC. However, working for NASA is only a "means to an end" , not an "end to a means". In other words, I will continue my education by going on to attend graduate school. I would like to eventually realize one of my loftiest goals -- attending graduate school and completing my doctorate degree. I recently took the GRE which is the test needed to be considered for graduate school. I am happy to say that I was able to do really well on the GRE, hence my prospects for entering graduate school seem plausible.

I recently revamped my co-op web page. Please feel free to visit and learn more about me and my family.

I recently married my college sweetheart. She graduated from University of Houston-Downtown in the fall of 2001. She now attends graduate school at University of Texas. Her major is bio-statistics. I am so blessed to have found such a beautiful and wonderful person like her. She is very intelligent and wise and a great person to be around.

I like to learn a variety of different subjects and information. I love seafood. I enjoy watching C-Span because I like the combativeness of Congress. I am a very persistent person. I have always had impediments placed in my direction. However, with a little prayer and perseverance, I have overcome many obstacles -- and you can too.

My uncle has played an inspirational role in my life. He has many degrees of different forms. Moreover, he never gave up on learning and finally obtained his Ph.D. in his latter years. I would like to do that as well.

Growing Up
I grew up in Savannah, Georgia, where I have lived most of my life. Growing up in the South has helped me to realize how blessed we are today, because of our nation's past. The South is still a nostalgic place to visit. Some of the old vestiges of the civil war are ever so present even today. I am humble to have experienced living in the South.

As a kid, I liked to read comic magazines and mysteries. When I was in 5th grade I wanted to be a lawyer. However, I chose to redirect my path for now because of my interest in the sciences. Having an interest in the unknown encouraged me to pursue a career in a science-related field of study. I have fond memories of being a Boy Scout. My dad always took me to the scout meetings and I enjoyed every bit of it.

My Family
My parents still live in Savannah, Georgia. I like Savannah, Georgia. However, at this particular moment in my life, I am looking for a more progressive place to live -- such as Houston, Texas, which is where I live during my coop tours.

My family enjoys worshiping together and attending church functions. We also like to commune together and have fun.

Future plans and goals
I would like to continue to be affiliated with NASA. Working for NASA has been a dream come true. Moreover, I will eventually receive my Ph.D. in some discipline; I am leaning towards computer science at this point. Some day I would also like to become a lawyer.

View my webcasts:

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