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Meet Jonathan Dory

photo of Jonathan Dory

Habitability and Environmental Factors Office
Johnson Space Center

I am fascinated with mankind's continuing ability to push the physical and intellectual limits of its existence, and I see space exploration as among the boldest human endeavors.

Who I am and What I Do

I work for SPACEHAB, Inc., in NASA's Habitability and Environmental Factors Office. I support crew safety and productivity on the International Space Station Program by planning and assessing the on-orbit interior configuration of ISS, as well as performing anthropometric analysis of crew tasks. I consider the most rewarding part of my job being able to contribute to the integrated operation of the Space Station while getting to master 3D computer graphics and animation software as part of my daily work.

Education and Career Path

photo of Dory in KC-135I graduated from Mitchell High School (Colorado Springs, Colorado) and attended Colorado State University, where I received a BS in civil engineering -- with a particular interest in structures.

My interest in the space program led me to participate in a number of unique activities while pursuing my degree. As a highly active member and officer of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, I worked with other similarly interested students to build prototype exercise devices for use in space, and had the opportunity to test them in simulated microgravity onboard NASA's "zero-g" aircraft, the KC-135. I was also very active in programs sponsored by the Colorado Space Grant Consortium -- including the Citizen Explorer Satellite, a student designed and built spacecraft, which measures global atmospheric ozone concentrations and transmit its data directly to classrooms throughout the United States.

Growing Up and Personal

I grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I spent my childhood camping, hiking, and backpacking in the Rocky Mountains.

Now I live in Seabrook, Texas, where I share an apartment with two lovable cats, Kiki and Uhuru.

In my free time, I enjoy reading science and technology books, teaching myself to play guitar, drawing the human form, weightlifting, SCUBA diving, snowboarding and rock climbing.

Future Plans and Goals

I aspire to contribute to the success of long duration human missions to Mars and beyond.


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