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Meet: Deisy

Student Participant in the
LAPIS Student Test Mission Program

Image of Deisy

Who I Am
My name is Deisy. I grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. and lived there for 17 years. As a kid, I liked to read scary books like Goosebumps. When I was in elementary and junior high I wanted to be a lawyer.

Deisy and other students at the Jet Propulsion LaboratorySomething that I experienced growing up was the difference in race. I am Hispanic and when I was in elementary school my teacher told me that if you don’t go to school you will never be anything in life. Well my parents never went to school and they aren’t too bad off. But after this I felt bad because I felt like my parents weren’t anything important. I would cry and even to the point that I was embarrassed.

Right now I live in a small town outside of Bakersfield. I have two birds. One is a cockatoo and the other is a love bird. We all love to swim and play pool.

How I Got Involved in Mars
Deisy with team membersI first became interested in the Mars Exploration Rover mission when my computer teacher told us about an educational project with the test rover and asked us to write short autobiography. Then he choose the members of project, called LAPIS 3.

In order to prepare we had to read a lot. They would give us packets of information to look over.

I really liked meeting the other team members from around the world.

My Future
My role models are both my parents. My father for teaching me to work hard for what I believe in. And my mother for showing me I can be anything.

One day I would like to be a mentor and help children that need a hand.


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