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Meet: Elizabeth Bloomer

photo of Elizabeth Bloomer

Space Station Robotics Instructor
NASA Johnson Space Center

My Journals
Chat and Webcast Archives

Who I Am

I graduated from college about three years ago, and I have been working at NASA ever since! I have two college degrees -- a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M, and a master's degree from the International Space University. Right now I work as an instructor; my job is to teach astronauts how to fly the robot arms that are going to be on the International Space Station.

Other Work I Have Done

I have worked in several different jobs. My first job was to teach astronauts and flight controllers how to work parts of the shuttle, such as how to open the payload bay doors. Then, I worked on the Shuttle Training Aircraft, which is a jet that the astronauts use to practice landing the space shuttle. After that, I worked on the payloads that the shuttle takes into space. I also worked to make a class that will teach the astronauts how to use some of the equipment that will be on the space station. My last assignment was as a flight controller for the space shuttle. My group was in charge of the payloads (the experiments and satellites) that the shuttle carries into space. During a mission we had to know the right things to do when a payload is not working correctly, which means we had to do a lot of practicing so we'd know exactly what to do when things did go wrong. NASA is a lot of fun because there are a lot of different things you can do.

Personal Information

I like playing soccer, riding my bike, jogging, and throwing a football around. It is really wonderful to do anything outside (except in the middle of the Houston summers!!!!). My favorite food is fajitas, but I have a big weakness for any Tex-Mex food. I enjoy traveling.

Bloomer as a child I was born in Miami, Florida. However, I consider Dallas, Texas, to be my hometown. I lived in Dallas for 11 years. My parents live in Carrollton (suburb of Dallas), Texas. I have one sister, who lives in Columbus, Ohio. I now live in League City (a suburb of Houston), Texas.

I remember when the Challenger exploded. I was sitting in my 8th grade science class - and the teacher came in and started drawing pictures on the blackboard and trying to explain what had happened. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it - but I eventually realized that she wasn't making it up, and that it really had happened.

My Future Plans and Goals

Some day I would like to travel to Australia. It would be tons of fun. :-) But even if I never travel there, I would like to see Australia from space. I have wanted to be an astronaut ever since I was in the 3rd grade!

Archived Chats and Webcasts

July 15, 1999 -- Webchat

March 1, 2002 Webcast -- National Engineers Week


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