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Meet: Thomas Vahle

Electrical Supervisor

Who I Am
I am an electrical supervisor for SVERDRUP Technology. I am responsible for making sure that all maintenance requests and all repairs are done within the time allowed. Most of the time I am very busy. I can never say my work is done because there is always something that needs to be maintained or repaired.

My Career Path
I got my first start in the Army as a microwave repairman. When I left the Army I found it very hard to find a job. I tried to go to college but that was not the path for me so I enlisted in the Navy. In the Navy I worked as an Interior Communications Electrician on the guided missile destroyer USS Robinson.

I first got very interested in my field when I was in high school. Whenever I could get a wood working, metal, or even mechanical drawing class, I signed up for it. These classes helped me to decide on the career path I wanted.

Why I like my job
There are many reasons why I like my job. I get to keep learning about new things in electronics and other technical fields. I love to take things apart and put them back together again. I have always enjoyed this, and I would not have had it any other way.

There are many drawbacks in my field. One concern is safety because I am involved with high-powered equipment with large amounts of electrical current. I have no room for mistakes, and I must make sure that everything is correct the first time.

My advice to the youth is that you follow what you enjoy and never stop learning. Throughout my life my favorite books are How-to books because I like learning about new things and seeing how to improve what I have done before.

My Future
Well it looks like retirement is not too far away. I am looking forward to reading more How-to books and learning more about electronics.


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