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Meet Joe Paz

Electronic Mechanic and Instrumentation Technician

Who I Am
I am an electronic, mechanic and instrumentation technician for the Tunnel and the Model. We have responsibility over maintaining the instrumentation on the model and in the tunnel. Each morning we check with the engineer for the test to hear about any problems that he is having with the data from the test. If they are critical we get to work on solving the problem if not then we go on with our daily work including checking with all the daily work of checking all the systems. Then solving the minor problems.

My Career Path
I was in the Air Force for four years and I worked for the Navy for twenty-one years. I worked on the actual aircraft making modifications. During this period of time I did a lot of traveling. I attended 50 different training schools. I also attended San Jose City college where I studied engineering for two years.

When I first came to NASA Ames Research Center, I worked on the flight line. I learned a great deal about instrumentation there and that is how I came to the wind tunnel to work as an instrumentation technician.

Why I Like My Job
I get a great deal of satisfaction when I see a job completed. The technicians in the wind tunnel are the best people I have ever worked with. We work very closely with one another to solve problems and working as team has generated a family like atmosphere.

As a Child
My early childhood was spent in a small town called Montecello, Utah from there my family moved to Fremont, California. I always was interested in aircraft and knowing about all the latest models. My father was a big influence on me. He taught me to work hard and encouraged me to follow my interests.

My advice to young people interested in getting a technician's job is to get the most out of your education. To choose a profession and find out which of the local companies will offer advancement in technical fields. Some companies even offer apprenticeship programs. Learn to read and practice so you can read technical manuals.

I enjoy fishing, I fish on the ocean, in fresh water lakes. My favorite kind of fishing is trout fishing. I enjoy walking along streams up in the Sierra Mountains. I also like to work outdoors and garden.


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