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Meet: Ed Pasiliao


Aerospace Engineer Technician

Who I Am
I work in the Twelve-Foot Pressure Wind Tunnel at the NASA Ames Research Center. I have worked in many other wind tunnels here at Ames including the 9' by 7', the 11', the 2' by 2', and the 40' by 80'. I've been here for 17 years. Basically, we are wind tunnel operators. We operate the tunnel as required for each test. The researchers give us a schedule to follow during the test. We drive the computerized controls. They control the rotations per minute of the fans, the mach numbers, the pressures, and the model attitude by the model support.

This is the first tunnel that has been upgraded to the screen control and that has been completely automated. They are upgrading the rest of the wind tunnels now. I can help the controls engineer troubleshoot any problems with the control system. I had to train myself on how to use the system. Now we have a training program to certify technicians.

I also help set up the model support in the preparation rooms and in the test section of the wind tunnel. I help the model mechanics with the model assembly as needed.

My Career Path
I was in the Navy. I was an aircraft mechanic there. I was on active duty for 10 years and 16 years in the Navy Reserve while I was working here. My experience with aircraft helped me to get this job. I have also worked at another R&D facility doing mechanical work.

I wanted to get a degree in engineering. I joined the Navy and choose the aviation field. I went to school at night and got my BS degree in Aircraft Maintenance Management. I started as enlisted, then I was a chief, and then I retired as a Chief Warrant Officer.

As a child
I didn't have many toys. I made my own toys since we didn't have the luxury of buying toys. I grew up in the Navy.

I advise kids to follow their interests and ask their parents for feedback on their aptitudes. Computer experience will help you in your future career.

Future Goals
In the future, I would like to be able to manage a system. This would build on my studies and experience.

I like to play tennis and basketball. I coach my children's teams in basketball. I have one boy and two girls. My son is handicapped and in a wheelchair. My girls also play tennis.

I go to school at night. I am in the MSSM program, which is the Masters in Systems Management Degree at the College of Notre Dame. Some of the classes are held here at the NASA Ames Research Center.


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