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Lorie Richardson

Business and Marketing Manager

Who I Am
I am the Business and Public Relations manager for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Liaison Office at NASA Ames Research Center. I work most closely with the CTAS project here at Ames. This project features automated software tools for the air traffic controllers. The tools help controllers manage traffic more efficiently saving time and money for the flying public. We are currently deploying these tools to various air traffic control sites around the United States.

My Career Path
I have always had an interest in aviation. Though I did not have a license, I took flying lessons and traveled frequently with my husband in a small private plane. I have always been fascinated with NASA. I did not plan to work here, but when I saw the opportunity I knew I would love to work here. I have a business education background including and MBA. There are many business job opportunities at places such as NASA. Stay flexible. My under grad work was international relations. You do not necessarily fall into exactly what or where you thought you might. With luck, it may be better than what you originally planned to do.

Why I Like My Job
The positive aspects of my career begin with working with very intelligent and nice people. My work environment is much like going to a university. There is constant stimulation with all the amazing and varied projects going on here. I honestly cannot see a negative aspect to being here.

When I Was A Child
As a child, I read books about aviation and my stepfather was in the Air Force. My uncle was a private pilot. I think that is wehere my interest began. I loved all math and science classes. I think those classes prepared me for the environment that I am in now. Also, my brother and I took astronomy classes at a very early age and became interested in space at that time. We were ages 7-9.

Study science and math. Work on your communication and writing skills. I think you need to be well rounded for this type of job. Volunteer or do an internship at a place like NASA.

My uncle, stepfather and husband greatly influenced me and my interest in avaition. Some of my astronomy instructors, beginning with the early introduction to astronomy on up to junior college, inspired me to work at NASA.

Future Plans
I envision working for the FAA Liaison Office for several more years. I never lose interest in the joint FAA/NASA projects and I love the environment. I plan to do a website for the office and continue working on projects such as the Air Traffic Control CD ROM we just completed. I was the FAA project lead for this joint FAA/NASA CD ROM project.

I have a cat named Beau. I adore all animals and volunteered at The Humane Society for years. I play the guitar and do Yoga. I am bilingual and love everything French. I write poetry and have an interst in all the arts. I plan to live by the ocean, since I am there every chance I get. I find the ocean to be relaxing and rejuvenating. I am excited to continue learning about website design and I plan to do another website for the office. I already did one for my own personal interests. I plan to continue taking graphics and design classes. I am two classes away from a certificate for desktop publishing.


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