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Meet Mike Lopez

a photo

Master Mechanic
National Full Scale Aeronautics Complex

Who I Am
I am the master mechanic in the wind tunnel, in the site leaderŐs absence I am in charge. I work on the test I am assigned. I do what ever is required on a given day. If there is a problem I fix it. I help to install the parts.

My Career Path
I was in the Navy for six years and I was an aircraft mechanic, when I was stationed at Moffett Field, I had a tour of NASA Ames Research Center and I saw the interesting work being done here. It was my ambition to work here some day. In the Navy I worked on P3Ős.

When I left the Navy, I went to work in the Post Office, but then I got a job as a contractor at NASA Ames Research Center with Calspan Corp.

Why I Like my Job
My job is exciting. There is always something new. We work with lots of different engineers and itŐs satisfying to show them that you are capable of doing the work they request. Sometimes we can make contributions to the test by suggesting solutions to problems. We really are part of the test team.

I would advise kids to go to school. The degree is very important. Learn about computers. Get some mechanical experience and learn how use tools and gain dexterity.

I have two sons. One is married with to sons, 6 and 4 years old. I love being a grandparent. My second son is in his last year of college. My wife, Zenaida, is an advice nurse.

I hope to retire in seven years and travel around the states in an RV.



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