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Meet: Paul Langston

Television Production Specialist,
Ames Research Center

Chat Archives

Who I Am
I am responsible for producing video news briefs, educational videos, and videos that highlight the research performed here at NASA Ames Research Center. The things I do in a day vary. In the morning I could be doing anything from interviewing a scientist on video, to taping a wind tunnel test. And in the afternoon, I may be editing on one of our video digital editing systems.

My Career Path
In high school I liked studying art, science and photography. After high school I went to a junior college where I learned to love science even more. On my own I studied photography and shot, processed and printed thousands of photographs in my home built darkroom. Before transferring to a four year college, I made my living shooting photographs. I shot portraits, weddings, and industrial photographs that included a catalog and brochures. One day I was watching television and I thought it would be fun to be a television cameraman. So, I enrolled in the Television Production Department at San Francisco State University. Later, I transferred to San Jose State University and continued majoring in Television Production while minoring in Photography. While in school I worked as a student intern at KTEH-TV54, a PBS television station in San Jose.

After working for KTEH for a couple of years, I got a job working for a major aerospace company as a producer/director. My responsibilities there included producing instructional television programs for in-house use by employees. My next job was with the U.S. Navy at Moffett Field where I worked as a television producer/director. My responsibilities included producing training videos for naval personnel who maintained and flew the P-3 Orion Anti-submarine/surface ship warfare aircraft.

After working for the Navy, I came to NASA Ames Research Center to produce video programs about the research done here. One of the many interesting parts of my job is that from time to time, I have the opportunity to enjoy another of my interests, flying. A couple of times I have gone up in helicopters to shoot footage while hanging out the open door (don't try this at home!) I was safely tied in so that I wouldn't fall out. It was pretty exciting. Another thing that I like about working for NASA is that I am surrounded by science and scientists. In the course of my job I not only get to produce video programs, but I also get to learn about the science that's going on at NASA Ames.

Why I Like My Job
My job is different every day. I get paid to learn about science and other new things, meet new people and work with state of the art television equipment.

As a Child
When I was a child I read about art and famous artists, and stories about great adventures. Early on I had a fascination with airplanes so I built and flew model airplanes. In general I have an interest in learning about everything, including people different from me.

As I grew older I studied martial arts, rode motorcycles, rode bicycles, learned how to take good photographs and how to pilot airplanes.

I would advise someone interested in a job like mine to get a good, broad education. Most importantly, you need to be interested in learning and growing the rest of your life.

In the future, I would like to continue what I am doing and to continue learning.

I enjoy flying airplanes, hiking, traveling, learning, photography, reading, meeting people, and watching films.


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